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Galactonite is not available in all versions of the game. If it’s in your version, then you’re in luck because it adds an extra dimension to the game that is a lot of fun.

Galactonite Crystals are used to give a planet a special bonus. For example, one kind of Galactonite Crystal might make your planet’s metal mine work faster. Another type might give an attack bonus to any ships at that planet. You can equip one Galactonite Crystal on each of your planets after you build a Galactonite Research Center on it. You can unlock a second Galactonite slot on a planet if you’re willing to pay 500 dark matter for the privilege.

How to get Galactonite

These Crystals are made from Galactonite shards. There are two basic ways to get the Galactonite Shards:

The first way is to get them as loot when you defeat the NPC planets in battle. Each solar system has some computer-controlled planets, like Galaxy Pirates and The Purged. When you attack those planets and win, there is a chance that you will get some Galactonite shards in your loot. You can increase those chances by going to your Galactonite Research Center and upgrading the Galactonite Discoverer. This is similar to upgrading technologies in your research center, except that each level of Galactonite Discoverer costs 1 dark matter per level. Level 1 costs 1 dark matter, and level 7 costs 7 dark matter, etc.

The second way to get Galactonite shards is to buy them. In your Galactonite Research Center, tap on the Galactonite Fuser. At the bottom, left part of the screen you will see a blue symbol consisting of 4 diamonds with a number next to it. That is the number of Galactonite shards that you own. If you tap the plus sign next to it, you will see the option to buy Galactonite using either dark matter or credits. The first time you look at it, the shards will cost either one dark matter or 3 credits. Each time that you make a purchase, though, the price doubles! The price will reset back to 1 dark matter or 3 credits the following day, and you can start the process over again. Once you have some shards, you’re ready to make some Galactonite Crystals.

Galactonite Fusion

In the Galactonite Fuser you will see a big circle with the word “Fuse” in the middle of it. It will also show you how much Galactonite that fusion will use. It starts at 10 for level one. When you tap “Fuse”, the fuser will attempt to turn those 10 shards into a Galactonite Crystal. At that point, the fuser may move up to level 2, which requires 20 shards. This is what you want! Galactonite Crystals are ranked by a star level from 1 – 5. A five star Galactonite is much more powerful than a 1 star. The higher your fusion level, the better your chance of getting a Galactonite crystal with a high star level.

As the fuser makes Galactonite crystals, you will see them appear in the boxes under the fuser. You can tap them to see what they do. If you get a good crystal that you want to keep, tap “collect” next to its description. If it’s junk, tap “decompose.” This will make the crystal disappear, and it will also increase the amount of energy available in your Galactonite Research Center. You can see how much energy it has by looking at the number next to the yellow atom symbol at the bottom, left part of the screen. That energy is important for the next step.

Strengthening and Equipping Galactonite

Go to the “Galactonite Researcher” tab in your Galactonite Research Center. Here you will see all of the Galactonite Crystals that you saved by tapping “collect” in the previous step. Tap on a Galactonite Crystal, and you will get the option to Process, Equip, or Decompose it. Choose “Process”, and the Crystal will move into the small circle next to the word “Strengthen.” If you tap the Strengthen button, the level of the crystal will be increased, which will increase the bonus it gives to your planet. Note that this level is different from the “Star level” that you got in the fuser. Strengthening the Galactonite crystal costs some of that energy that you stored when you decomposed other crystals. So, all of those junky ones that you throw away still go to some good use.

To get the bonus from the crystal, just tap it and tap “equip.” That will make it equip to your planet. It will cost you one dark matter per star level to unequip the Galactonite crystal from your planet, so choose wisely. You can still continue to strengthen crystals that are equipped if you get more energy later on.

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